Mar 31, 2009

Speaking of bunnies...

I am still enjoying the new Hula Bunnies that the awesome, wonderful MaryAnn sent me. As you know, MaryAnn is the proud owner of Stamp LaJolla and they have a bazillion Hula Bunnies, I mean a bazillion.

Last year I had a little "contest" concerning the Hula's. I wanted to know which Bunny was my favorite.

Now, I am going to do something of the sorts again...we all know that as time goes by, our favorite images change. I am the same way with the bunnies.


Check out the Stamp LaJolla site ( and look at the Hula Bunnies.

Tell me which one you think is now favorite bunny.

Leave me a comment with which one you think it is along with your favorite.

On 4/10/09 I will let you know which one it is and the winner gets their favorite and mine! (*I will mail it to you approx. April 27th)

In the case that there is more than one correct answer, I will have MaryAnn draw the winner when I see her at Adventures In Stamping.

***Also, if anyone goes to her site and orders, tell her Awna sent ya! I will send you some goodies, you like glitter right?


Chelsea said...

I love bathtime Bunnies!!! It's my fav. I think I know yours ... but I won't tell .... Stamp La Jolla is one of my favs ... we just saw them at a show here in Rockford, IL a few weeks ago.

Eva said...

My guess.....The skateboarding Hula...cause it reminds you of little guy on the skatebaord!

Traci G said...

What an adorable bunny!!!! Love your card!!!

lakeslady said...

I think because it is nearly easter your new favourite hula bunny is egg dancing.
I do not have any hula stamps but if I had to choose a favourite I think it would have to be"wishful thinking"
Hope you are feeling better Anwa