Jan 22, 2009

too cold for ice cream?

I don't think so!

This past week has been so friggin' cold here in Ohio. While at church on Sunday I was talking to this nice gal at church and happen to mention that I had to hurry and get going since I had to stop at the store to get some ice cream. She gave me a really strange look and said something about with all of the freezing going on that it was too cold for ice cream.
I could not believe my ears! Had I heard her right? Yep, she repeated her thoughts and I was still floored. I have NEVER heard anyone say that before. I didn't know that it could be too cold. Heck, I enjoy ice cream more in the winter than I do in the summer because I feel "safe" eating it...come on, you know what I mean. I feel safer eating a ton of it in fact because I can hide the weight under layers of cozy sweaters and scarves. In the summer, heck, every scoop seems to show up!
So, what do you think...is there a time that it is too cold for ice cream? While we are talking ice cream, what is your favorite?
Mine is Buckeye Bites (right now) Yummy vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls and peanutbutter like balls dipped in chocolate. YUMMMM!

Gotta go...ice cream is calling me :)
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Vicki said...

Well, our house is old and kind of drafty in the winter - so yeah sometimes I pass up the ice cream because I don't like to be cold! But when the mood does strike, I just cuddle up in an afhan. Now my DH and DS eat it almost every day! OMG I don't think I can pick a favorite but I like the fancy ones candy bar bits and stuff. Your fave sounds Yummy!

kolling143 said...

Well Awna, this is so cute!! I love that image.....your favorite sounds like one I would definitely LOVE!! Anything PB and chocolate!! BTW, I LOVED the card you sent for my birthday...what a nice surprise!! With it being after Christmas, I don't usually get a lot. It's just that time of year!! Nice to talk to you. Keep in touch!!

shadoob said...

Some people are just mis-led in life...silly people. It is never too cold for ice cream! (or too hot or too this, or too that....)
Have a bowl for me!