Mar 12, 2008

A new do

My birthday was this week and my husband totally suprised me by spoiling me and treating me to a spa day at this fancy smancy salon in our little city.

Now, to some of you, getting your hair done may be a normal, every month/other month thing. However, for me, I put it off. Beisdes, I HATE our local Best Cuts since they only seem to hire punk rocker wanna be's.

OK, back to the story...I had my appt last week for my massage, today I went for the rest of it

I ended up getting my hair cut, thinned out big time and straightened. I also had it colored and put highlights in it. is the before & after, what do you think? Was it worth the big bucks?


mnhyrkas said...

You look fabulous!
one thing about those young gals/guys and haircuts. They sure know how to give somebody an updated look, but they sometimes forget that what looks good on a 20yr doesnt always work for the almost 40yr+ year olds out there.
You have a great new look- up to date without being too trendy.

mnhyrkas said...

maybe I should have lowered that age to 30? I dont know how old you are, I just picked the age that I am ;) Adelle

mabelle said...

Oh my!!! You look fab!! I love it. Girl, you are so worth it.

love ya!!!!

MaryAnn said...

You look fabulous, Dahling! I love your new look. Wow!


Connie Wehner said...

Two thumbs up! How awesome is it that your husband was so thoughtful in such a gift. We should all be so lucky! Bye the way, you look great Awna!


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!


angel said...

You hot mamma! Love it!

kolling143 said...

Wow, Awna....that haircut looks great on you!! Do you like it straightened? I've been thinking about doing this for some time.....just recently got LOADS of hair cut off too but couldn't go through with the straightening!! Way to go!! Happy Birthday to you!

Risa said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! I love it, love it, love it! I noticed first your eyes! You have great eyes! WOWZA! OK that's enough...sounds like I am trying to pick you up.

christie said...

WOW!!! You look great. You look so much younger with the new do too!! Love it!

ThatOtherSharon said...

LOVE the after!!!

Not that you know me; I know Eva IRL.

I'll be back to visit.

Nancy Grant said...

I love your new do!!!! You look younger indeed!

Happy Belated Bday Blessings!


spredbirds said...

OMG Awna ... I love your new do ... I think you look 5-10 years younger too!!! Awesome ... what a nice DH you have!


Stampin' Meg said...

Super cute new do!

Heather Devino said...

Love it, love it, love it! Very cute. Matches your spunky personality.

Karla McConnell said...

You are one hot STAMPER!! LOVE IT!! How perfect for spring -- a new "spring" look! I had to look twice to make sure that was you!! LOL!!

Diane H said...

Awna--the new style in INCREDIBLE!! I LOVE it and you look fantabulous!!! Of COURSE it was worth it! YOU are worth it! I can't wait for Seminar to see you and the new do in person!