Feb 9, 2008

I am "nuts" over this!

Here is a picture of one of the cards in the lateset S&S Arts magazine...this funny little nut that is from the wonderful company Stamp LaJolla (http://www.stamplajolla.com/) This is the same company where the Hula Bunnies come from. Not sure if I mentioned how much I love the owners, MaryAnn & JP. They are one of the the kindest couple I know.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for some more cards, I have been a stamping fool this past week! I love stamping, it is such a great thing for stress relief :)



MaryAnn said...

And we love you too, Awna and we love your cards!

Maria said...

These is very cute, it reminds me of my little guy because he is a nut. He is such a handful, and he makes me nuts.

Jovita said...

LOL... Awna that is really cute. Thanks for sharing the link ;)