Feb 10, 2008

look ma...no coloring!

This is so totally outside of my box, absolutely NO coloring whatsoever.

Stamps: Stamp LaJolla

Paper: Bazzill

Ink: Palette and Stazon :)


MaryAnn said...

I love this card! I could never have imagined it, but it is beautiful. You are incredible!

Kimberly Onofre said...

Okay... is that my memo?? We went to John 3:16 LIVE tour on Friday night,,, and the message that I HEARD lound and clear is that I have to stop worrying and let God have it all.. then you post this card!!! Babe, I think that you just sent me my memo!!

Love ya.

Fabrizio said...

That card is so effective, I really like it and the message is that I should follow its advice...Thank you ! Fab X

stampez said...

whoa.... and the card is cool too!

Nancy Grant said...