Sep 12, 2007


The weather is getting cooler, I am SO happy about this!

I love fall, I love the smells of autumn, love the colors of the season, and most of all...

I love the Fall primetime TV line up! lol I am trying so hard to get all my things done earlier in the day so when the show premiere's start in 9 days, 13 hours I have my seat all ready!

Other that the fall line up, this is the perfect time of the year to get a head start on those holiday cards. Over the next few weeks you will be seeing some fall cards, Halloween creations (perfect for school treats) and read it here, Christmas cards & projects.

Have you counted your blessings today? I have & here are a couple of them:
1. My family (no matter how goofy they are!)
2. My friends (always there to pull me out of a funk)
3. My house, messy but I have one (with a stamp room!)
4. Trees...yep, I count trees a blessing...besides , how else would we get paper to stamp on?!?!

Later Gaters!


Jennifer Carter said...

Very cute cards Awna!! I love the one with the little girl on the pumpkin!!

Renée said...

What beautiful cards, I love the season as well, but dread the cold that comes after. I like how you stated what you are thankful for, and I too am thankful for trees to have paper to stamp on!

Candi Dierenfield said...

LOVE your cards, Awna!!!!! :)
~ Candi ~

Eva said...

The little girl on the pumpkin is one of my favorites! She looks awesome!