Sep 10, 2007

count your blessings

Ever have one of those days where it seems like everything is going wrong and nothing is working out for you? Ever feel like maybe this isn't what you thought your life was suppose to be like?

Maybe you just need to look at things from a new perspective (Eva's word of the week! lol)
I challenge you to count your blessings. Take a sheet of paper and start writing down all the things that you are greatful for. Don't worry about how"deep" these things are, if they are important to someone else, if they are things that are "in", etc. Write down things that mean the most to YOU! If you feel overwhelmed by this, try setting a timer for 5 minutes and go from there. I do this daily. Sometimes I am having a bad day and can't think of one thing! This is when I go back and look at the things I have written before...then everything is put back into perspective again!

So...whatcha waiting for? You have 5 minutes to count your blessings...on your mark, get set, go!


Eva said...

Great post and the artwork is awesome as well!

Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful idea and a great reminder to count your blessings.


Jeans inky hugs said...

Awna, This is Super looking!

Hope you are doing better?

Miss yacking with you.