Sep 25, 2007

today's project

it doesn't have anything to do with stamping but I did clean my walls today and put up new picture frames and photos of the kidlets :)

My friend Debbie had an "Uppercase Living" party about a month ago and I ordered a few things from it.

Uppercaseliving has tons of these awesome quotes that are like giant rub-ons for your walls and are pretty inexpensive for decorationg almost every room in your house.

Anyways, the one in the kitchen says "Given enough coffee, I can conquer the world" and it matches my coffee theme :)

The one for the living room says "The best things in life aren't things"


Kimberly Onofre said...


I so need the coffee one! :) Hey you, I needed girl time and tried to call you didn't answer! Dontcha love me anymore???



andrea said...

i so LOVE the home decor rub ons!

Heather Devino said...

Those look awesome, Awna! Good choices. I love coffee stuff too. My kitchen is decorated all in coffee. I'm going to have to have me one of those parties. :)

shuggy said...

i love the coffee one!!

Beth said...

I see we both have a coffee addiction. I was in a round robin altered book club and the topic of my book was coffee. Very interesting things were done to my book. Maybe I should dig it out and post a layout or two on my blog.

Jovita said...

Send the link please... I need to coffee one also. I have a coffee theme in my kitchen as well, I collect antique coffee grinders and I NEED this!

Candi Dierenfield said...

Don't you just love this stuff!!! I have a ton of them ~ waiting to move to put them on the wall! But, I have done some pretty cute scrapbook pages and other things with them. :) LOVE your decor!!!

Stampin' Meg said...

You know- you will be able to make your own vinyl letters with the Cricut once Provocraft releases the vinyl for it!