Aug 8, 2007


I had this entire little ditty written up with a cute (I think) card and project using a new paper collection from T.A.C. but decided to change gears after picking the big boys up today from work.

I admit, I have been a little cranky today (and the day before).

Today I pick the big boys up from work at the church where they mow the cemetary, clean the church before mass, work on the parish center, etc. Branden & Jay were smiling and acting silly, taking their time getting their stuff together so we could go home. I was starting to get a little ticked off at them.

Next thing I know, they come back out of the church and they were each carrying a vase of flowers.

They decided to go help a little ole' lady down the road from the church clean her yard after last nights storm and asked if they could pick some flowers.

Jay said that he knew I had been feeling a little moody and he had hoped that the flowers would make me feel better.

Isn't it interesting how if we just take the timeto "stop & smell the flowers" that we can see the good in the delays?!?!

I am so glad I have these boys!


Nancy Grant said...

That's sweet.

Jennifer Carter said...

Ahhh! That's so sweet! The flowers look beautiful!

Mary Leeson said...

Aawwwwwwwww, what sweet boys! God bless 'em!

Gwen Z. said...

I miss when my kids were little and did sweet things for me! Now all they want is food or money!

What sweet boys!

Eva said...
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Eva said...

ooopps that was me above too many type o's!

You have some really great boys and if they keep it up I might let one of them marry my daughter when they grow up!

Kat said...

That was so sweet of the boys, they took time for the lady to help her out and in return to get some flowers for you. They made 2 ladies feel very special.