Jul 6, 2007

pink & black

I love this color combo....

This is not a new card, sorry, but I can't find my memeory card that has new stuff on it. I know I took it out so I could put my other card in for seminar photos.
Since so many of you told me you read my blog, I feel I have to put something new up to hide the hoo-lah honey down below :)
Now that all my stuff is put away from seminar, be on the lookout for some new stuff after this weekend. I am not going anywhere! Well, except for the beer tent at the church festival on Sunday, hahaha
Seriously, I am working there! Gotta make sure that the drinks are "poisoned". OK, that is how I justify taking a bite out of anything sweet or yummy that the kids get, gotta check for poison you know :)
Till later! A