Jul 5, 2007

A M A Z I N G weekend!

The trip to the 10th annual seminar was a much needed vacation but I must admit, I am completely beat!

Everything flight wise went smoothly. I know there were a lot of Angels that were stuck in various airports all over the US due to the weather, strikes and whatever else that makes planes not fly on time.

Wednesday was wonderful! My dearest bud Eva picked me up from the airport, barely, she locked her keys in the truck, while it was running, in the no parking lane, LOL! Good thing that back door didn't lock! Then we power shopped and ate, we even yacked until late, late, late...or wait, maybe it was early :)

Thursday was fun! ClubMED luncheon was AWESOME! They really made us feel special. The convention kicked off with a beach bash Thursday night and I was all decked out in my scuba gear. The kids dared me to wear it, so being one that has had major life changes, I don't back down from dares, hehehe

Friday was fantastic as well. It was one of the proudest moments of my life besides having my children, marrying my Shawn and getting that stain out of the carpet from the "Red Pop".

I spoke in front of over 400 people (I think, I stopped counting a 10, LOL!) I was so touched by all of the kind comments from the other ladies. WOW! What a bunch of women!

Saturday was another day that just made my eyes sparkle. TAC has their annual awards banquet and as they were reading the names for Angel nominations, my name was called! I was one of the 6 chosen ones up there on that stage.

I received the best gift EVER! My kids wrote letters to the company about how I deserved to win this special award. Let me tell ya, not a dry eye in the room! I didn't get a crown with that one, but that's OK, after hearing what those Stark boys wrote, I was a winner already! Those boys are turning out good. I can tell you ladies, girls are lining up around the block, you know. I think we have our choice of who to marry these kids off to now. Wonder what the going rate is for a "dowry" lol! A lot can be said about a boy who is so good to his mama...well, plus, who wouldn't want to be in this crazy family! HA HA

Ok, now I am getting mushy again....will write more later when I am composed, LOL! ***Enjoy it now, might be the only time you get me to be quiet for a long time coming!

Later Gater!


Eva said...

Awesome pics! You deserve every fabulous moment that you had at seminar..glad you had a great time!!

Jennifer Carter said...

That was SO special when Mischelle read those letters from your kids! What an awesome family you have! I loved the beach gear by the way!!!

Gwen Z. said...

I am inspired by you every day! I was so touched by those letters. It reminds me when my kids were younger! Enjoy every day!

You are fantastical!