Jun 24, 2007

a personal letter to Haute Couture!

Dear Haute Couture,
Bye-Bye my beautiful girl!
I am so going to miss you when you retire this Thursday.
I love how you are alway at my finger tips waiting for me to get you all ink'd up.
You never complain when I forget to clean the Stazon off of you after stamping you over and over.
You have a nice clean style mixed with a little spunk and charm, just like me, lol!
You are a great image when it comes to teaching new stampers how to color with different mediums and you have become a must have for many of my friends and fellow crafters.
You have blessed me many times with your charming style by being chosen for publications so that I can share you with the world.
You will be missed, you are my all time favorite stamp!
***ETA: I will be out of town for the annual convention and won't return unitl next week so don'tbe alarmed by not seeing anything new on here...be ready for some awesome new products, ideas and MORE! I have a lot to share but can't do it until next week!***


mnhyrkas at SS said...

I like your ode to Haute Couture. I've really enjoyed what you've made from that lovely stamp. But I'm sure once you see the new stuff she will be a fond memory :) Adelle

Stephanie said...

You are so funny. I think that I will bow my head at 8:00 PM tonight in honor of Haute Couture!

Megan said...

:::sigh::: this was one of my first TAC sets that I got in my demo kit. I will miss these gals along with the sophisticated sentements girls::::sniffle::: Maybe there will be new cuter girls in the new cattie.... we can only hope!

Jennifer Carter said...

Your blog always makes me laugh!! Love the entry!!

Stephanie said...

oh Meg, there will be a new cuter girl set,. Didn't Awna tell you RAC had her and I sit for a stamp scetch artist? Oh no cat's out of the bag now.

BTW...if this is the Meg rooming with MY Awna, just remember she is coming home to me;)

Eva said...

Sorry Steph...I am taking her hostage bringing her home with me!!

Meg said...

I was hoping for some cute new chix like those gals on the Seminar set...I don't think that Awma has scarecrow arms though so that must not be the set y'all posed for!
(Wow- Awna there seems to be a fight over you-I'll be expecting quite a lot from you as a roommate then!!!)

Toni said...

I love your letter! Too funny. Have fun at convention. Wish I was going:) I'm sure there will be some great set to replace her.