Jul 8, 2007

newest paper line: Amelia

I am loving this layout! Very simple, too less than 10 minutes to do (love those quick ones!)

I was inspired by the Target ClubWED registration book and I used the newest paper line from TAC called Amelia.
I really dig the rich colors in this paper pack!


Eva said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this layout!! What a great place to find your inspiration!

mnhyrkas said...

i got the catty today. you've got lots of stuff published in there! great job. I'll be studying it in more detail tonight. my only wish is that the pics are reduced in size, so it makes it harder to see if a particular set fits the bill, kwim? thanks awna! what do i owe you?

Mary Leeson said...

What a handsome boy. Has he had any "Banana But Bread" lately? Looking forward to seeing you at Ritas this weekend. Bless!