Jun 3, 2007


Had round one of the retirement party for the stamp set that are going bye bye. The Angel Co. has officially announce the retirement of about 200 stamp sets. Many of them are in my collection...some I have used, some I must admit I have only cut them out and have yet to create with.

These will be in my annual garage sale (June 15th!) If you can't make it or are out of town, email me for my list of stamps that will be looking for a new home.

However, there are 2 stamp sets that I completely ADORE and can not stand the thought of never having the chance to share them with customers. Maybe I should just buy 100's of them to keep on hand :)

So, theses are the cards we made today.

Bye bye Eclectic Wagon and Haute Couture...have no fear! You will not be in the garage sale!


Vicki said...

Hi Awna! I'm having a yard sale June 15th too! And I plan on selling a lot of stamping stuff. Just curious - how do you sell your stamp sets at your garage sale? With a CD case? Or in the clam shell boxes? And do you have extra blocks available for those who might not have any? I don't have any extra blocks and don't want to place an order just for that. But just looking for ideas. Thanks!
Vicki Hook

Pat said...

I love the cards you have posted. I was looking to see if you have anything posted using the bind-it-all

mamichelle said...

They're adorable! The first is my favorite!!

Amy Salmons said...

These cards are gorgeous Awna...as usual! I hope your party went well!