Jun 6, 2007

end of the world...

as I know it :) The kids are officially on summer vacation.

Took this picture this morning before heading off to the final day of school.

Justin is heart broken, no girls to flirt with in on our side of town. Branden is glad he doesn't have to get up early to shower...I just hope he continues to at least shower once a day...2 words will explain it all...teenage boys!!!

BTW: Logan is SO excited! He has a loose tooth! He wants to eat an apple so he can lose it to get extra $$ for Cedar Point this weekend...silly boy!

Was "tagged" by a non-stamping buddy...here you go:

I got this from a friend and she said I am suppose to write the 1st thing that pops in my head…boy that can be scarey!

Yourself: Me
Your Partner: Da-Man
Your Hair: messy
Your Mother: Diane the Magnificent
Your Father: harley rider
Your Favorite Item: sleep
Your Dream Last Night: vacation
Your Favorite Drink: pepsi
Your Dream Car: paid off
Dream Home: paid off
The Room You Are In: living room
Where You Want to be in Ten Years: debtfree
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: kids
You’re Not: quiet
One of Your Wish List Items: silence
The Last Thing You Did: scrapped
You Are Wearing: jammies
Your Favorite Weather: cool
Last Thing You Ate: buffalo wrap
Your Life: interesting
Your Mood: inconsistant
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: stamping ideas
Your Car: The Traveling Stamping Bus
What Are You Doing At The Moment: laying with Logan
Relationship Status: Married
What Is On Your TV: News
What Is The Weather Like: coolWhen Is The Last Time You Laughed: before Logan fell asleep


Sonya said...

Thats funny about boys and showers. My 15 year old has finally started taking showers on a regular basis now...and I dont even have to ask anymore.

Its funny how boys just dont care about showers until girls are involved in there somewhere..lol


Stephanie said...

Is it 8.24.07 yet? Just a few more days;)

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

You have some good looking boys!! That Logan and his little grin is priceless!!