Jun 8, 2007


"Laughter in the face of reality is probably the finest sound there is.
In fact, a good time to laugh is any time you can."
-Linda Ellerbee

This is a quote that was sent to me today from a very intelligent and wonderful woman. Debbie came in to my life last November and I am so glad that I met her! She sent me this little quote this morning and it so fits my life. She knew it, I knew it, anyone that knows me, is aware that this is so me!

I actually made this little project for Debbie and sent it to her earlier this week. I emailed her and let her know there was something on the way for her, she emailed me back and let me know it was her bday.....I had no idea!

This is another pencil creation that was inspired by one from long ago. I am LOVING this! It is my 3rd one and I also used Kamalhat papers from The Angel Co. and a stamp from the flourish set, also from The Angel Co. This time I was smarter and pulled out the dremmel tool!

***EDITED TO ADD*** I was asked by a fellow stamper if I took orders, sure, email me & we can talk about it. (stampingawna@gmail.com)

Thanks for looking!


Stephanie said...

Love it! I think I like it better then the teacher one!

Jovita said...

Awna your pencil creations are wonderful... I'm sure Debbie will love this.

Jennifer Carter said...

Another great one! The color choice is great and gives it such a different look than the other one that you posted! Keep up the good work!!

Melanie Robson said...

Stunning!!! Turned out Great!!!