Mar 7, 2007

inspiration & thanks!

Just a quick note to let you know that Logan pick Debby to be the proud new keeper of the flowers :) I went over to K$athy's house today to stamp a bunch of cards with Sharon, Kathy, Brenda and Debby and she was tickled pink to hear that Logan picked her name :) Congrats Debby!

Just wanted to share a quick scrapbook page I made with some of TAC's cool 9x9 papers. Justin took this photo of Shawn and I. I love it, Shawn thinks he he looks like a big grizzly bear.

Speaking of will never believe this. He made me a birthday card! What is even better, he used the cricut! It is an awesome card. I was so tickled. He even put back all the supplies he used to make it.

I wonder if I can get him to stamp & scrap weekly with me...I know, I know, baby steps!!!


Games with... said...

Tell Logan he's OUT of the will:)

Kidding:P) Congrats Debbie.

Love the page and I want to see Shawn's card!