Mar 9, 2007

infestation of males!

I try to keep my stamp & scrapbook room a female friendly place. I try to make sure it is so girly and foo-foo that the boys (and Shawn) are afraid to come in due to the sheer fear of having the estrogen wear off on them. ..

* painted it pink (ok, Shawn painted it pink)

* I have cute-sy stuff in it

* I have a sign that states "Boys are great, every girl should own one.."

...but alas, nothing could stop Shawn from coming into my room last Tuesday night after work and playing with The Sacred Cricut Machine. He made a pretty awesome birthday card for me. I think it was his way of making up for the fact that he os leaving today to go play with his friends, in St. Louis...on my BIRTHDAY and our Anniversary. I told he could go as long as I could get new stamps or a new cartridge. (Which I picked up Doodlebugs for his Anniversary gift, LOL!)

Not only does Shawn now know how to use The Sacred Cricut Machine, so does Logan (who has a new name this month per his request: Ell-man the Great, silly boy). He can load paper, type in what he wants, etc.

Then if that is not harsh enough, Branden comes in to sketch & draw. So far, Justin has absolutely no desire to hang out in there...but then again, he has absolutely no desire to hang out with me!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. I ahve 4 sons-all grown-but remember the days! I will enjoy coming back to your blog to read your updates.

angel 1312