Mar 14, 2007

Ever heard....

of a Pirate Bowling Party? Me neither! However, Mr. Logan is bound to have one :)

I spent most of the night last night and today making invites for El-Man to pass out to his little school friends.

We spent a couple dozen sheets of paper to come up with something cool and then El-Man said, "That is the best card I have ever seen come out of your brain Mommy-o."

Talk about an awesome feeling of validation! Anyways, here they are, El-Man's Awesome Pirate Bowling Party Invitations.


Sarah said...

Great invitations! I actually just finished cutting that set out a minute ago. I'm excited to get a chance to play around with it. I teach kindergarten and one of my students had a 'pirate' themed birthday party. His mom would have love to have gotten her hands on this set for invitations.


Games;) said...

Love it! What a great idea, pirate bowling! AArrrggghhh

Paper Blessings said...

Cute invites! I'm sure he's excited about HIS birthday party!
Nice work, Mom!