Mar 22, 2007


it is official, I am a blogging slacker and I apologize.

El-man has been sick since Sunday and hasn't been to school all week. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he wil get some sort of relief today from the pediatrician so he can at least stop coughing long enough to get a few hours good sleep. Poor guy, he is more worried because his Pirate Bowling Birthday Party is on Saturday. So far we are up to 12 kindergarteners that are coming to this pa"ARGH"ty..ha ha ha I am so funny when I have only had 2 hrs of sleep...

This week has also been interesting due to the fact that I have gone outside of my comfort zone and I attended a cake decorating class...yes, you read that right. Miracles will never cease! OK, mainly I wanted to go to eat the cake and frosting. I was talking with Jen B. and we were cracking up...a real oxymoron here, a chick on weight watchers taking a cake decoration class, HA HA HA

I *should* have a bunch of things loaded up before the weekend. With El-man up I have gotten to stamp a lot!

Have a great day :)