Jan 26, 2007

My "why"...

As scrapbookers we are often asked why we spend so much time, money and energy on our hobby (or some people call it an obsessions).

That is a great question to ponder so I thought, why not make it today's post and see if it can help inspire you to find your "why".

Why I scrapbook:

I love to create! I enjoy the process, I like to match the colors and patterns. Paper smells and feels wonderful!

I have been know to be a bit of a shutterbug and have way too many cute photos to be just sitting in a box.

I love to write and this give me the perfect outlet to express my thoughts, feelings and mood. I am not the best at expressing my emotions and what I want to say verbally but give me a pen and paper, keyboard or scrapbook and watch out!

I do not ever want to forget! Life is too short.

I have no worries when I scrapbook. Focusing on the page in front of me helps block out those day to day trials. Who cares if property taxes are due next week, I have an awesome page going on!

It is my "me time". The kids know when I have that look in my eye to be a little nicer & quieter and they will get McDonald's or ice cream for dinner since cooking can interfer with that "inspirational process".

Sometimes, I have to pull out the photos of the kids doing something cute or having fun so that I remember why I have not put them up for adoption yet! LOL

and mostly...because it is FUN!


Steph said...

You are the BEST scrapper I know! You are a totally cool chick too:) Can you make my boy his scrapbook???? PLEASE???