Jan 30, 2007

Take time for yourself!

I was really astonished this weekend after talking to some fellow crafters about how they feel that they never have time to create. The ladies were saying that they were so busy with work, sports, kids, life and etc. that they never have time to make anything.

When was the last time you took a few moments to play?

I think it is essential to my own mental stability to be able to play a little in my craft room. If I don't get in there every so often, I can feel it. I start to get antsy, a little irritable, even frustrated.

Why not take some time to play tonight? Tuck those kiddos in tightly tonight, set the TIVO to record all your favorite shows and yank out your favorite stamp set and make a card or two! Don't have any ideas? That's OK, pull out your T.A.C. catalogue and copy one of your favorite cards. Don't have the exact stamp? That's OK, use a different one.

Have fun!

*Oh yeah...want to know more about this clock, email me for details!