Feb 3, 2009

on time...maybe!

One of my biggest issues is getting birthday cards out to people. Now, don't get me wrong...I have a TON of birthday cards stamped and ready to go, heck, I even have the cards in nicely decorated envelopes too! It is just the part that has to do with MAILING the suckers that holds me up. Our PO is small. There is never and parking available nearby and with my foot killing me like it is, ther eis no way I am going to walk a few blocks. I always seem to run out of stamps to send the cards out since I am joining so many darn ATC swaps, urgh!
So, here is the card I am mailing out to all my Feb bdays....so if you have a bday this month and you are on my Birthday Alarm list...act shocked when you get it! LOL!!!
Have a super day!
Card Info:
Stamp: Whipper Snapper
Coloring: Copic Markers


kolling143 said...

Very cute Awna!! I LOVED the one you sent me for my Birthday!!

Traci G said...

Awna--I am right there with you! I am TERRIBLE at getting birthday cards out!! Every year I say I'm going to get better, but then I don't. This is a very cute card!!

mamichelle said...

This is very cute! I have this stamp and I love it.