Jan 24, 2009


That is my new word right now. It can describe so many things...

* a fun game night with my mom and dad (wild with fun and laughter)
* Logan's behavior after being stuck in school all day (wild with energy)
* time spent with my awesome friend Stephanie a couple weeks ago (I am wild about Cheesecake Factory!)
* listening to the story of Julianna's entrance in this world (a wild home delivery)
* Branden's hair (wild curls)
* the way Justin feels about cheerleaders (a silly teen's wild crushes)
* working the stamp convention last year with my bff Eva (wildly entertaining, busy, educational and exciting!)
* my addiction to stamping
* the way I feel when Shawn smiles at me (ohh baby, drives me wild)

But lately, I must admit it describes my life. There has been so many changes this year that it isn't even funny. Sometimes I wonder how the heck I am dealing with this crazy, wild ride but I must admit, I love my wild life! I thank God every morning when I wake up that I have the chaos that I do. I enjoy the loud noises that the kids make while they run through the house and as long as the loud noises don't smell or aren't followed by a scream, all is perfect in my mind! I am so blessed and wouldn't trade it for anything!

OK, I am rambling...

What word would you use to describe YOUR life?

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Tami B. said...

Such a great post Awna. Right at this very moment I would describe my life as peaceful. I am busy and life is hectic, but at my core I feel very peaceful. Thanks for asking, so I had to think about it.