Aug 5, 2008

two wheelin fool!

I had taken a break from stamping this past week due to a lack of ideas & creative mojo. It was a little dull in the stamp room but I had a blast in other parts of the Stark world.
J decided to join the football team, so he & Shawn have been working out at the local rec center, Branden has been working on his art again and Logan has finally learned how to ride his bike without training wheels!

It is kind of funny. He actually had them taken off at the beginning of summer but after one wipe out, he wanted them back on, so Shawn put them back. I think he has been using the training wheels as a saftey net so to speak. He knew how to do it, he knew he could do it, he was just scared to take that step and possibly get hurt again.

Makes me wonder about grown up life many of us leave on training wheels on? We don't want to get hurt in relationships or be thought of as a we stay within our saftey is just the grown up version of riding that bike I guess.

How about taking your training wheels off and trying something new?

Off to stamp using some new techniques and some new stamps!