Apr 4, 2008


I left Thursday for New Jersey to work a stamp & scrap expo/show for Tessler Stamps & Stencils. I have a great hotel, free wireless internet and brought some stamp stuff to create with during my down time.

The best part...well, besides no fighting kids and chores to do, there is an AWESOMELY deep bathtub!

WIth our bathtub upstairs always leaking and no way to fix it without tearing up the entire bathroom & upstairs, we don't use it...WAIT...we do shower, we don't smell or anything (except the boys, they always smell funny, LOL!)

So, tonight, after I set up the booth, I am coming back, filling this tub to the rim with nice warm water and I am going to have a bubble bath!

Then I will stamp!

Have a super Friday!

Card info:
Stamp: Stamp LaJolla (www.stamplajolla.com)
Paper: DCWV Glitter Pack


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK!!!! I have set up a verification thing-ie for posting so this doesn't happen again.

Heidi said...

What a funny and sweet card-I just love it