Apr 4, 2008


Not really sure which was harder, having my baby-baby, Logan, turn 7 or having my BABY Branden, turn 15 on April 1st.

Branden is my oldest son, he is a smelly teenager, wears funny looking clothes and eats an entire new box of Froot Loops in one sitting, but he is actually an amazing kid!

Branden loves art, can sketch and freehand draw the most amazing characters, he has an eye for design, fashion and knows good music when he hears it.

Well, maybe not "good" music per-say to me but afterwhile you will find his playlist downloaded on my MP3 player. I tell him it is because I "accidentally" downloaded the wrong thing, but truth be told, I kinda like having my own music mixer, ha ha

He has the gift of gab, just like his mom. He can talk to any and everyone! He has helped me out at expo's before and I hate to admit it, but he does better at selling than I do.