Feb 19, 2008

OK OK...

Here is a T.A.C. card, granted, I know it is one that is in the new catalogue, but it is a T.A.C. card none the less.
To answer a few emails I have gotten recently, no, I have not left T.A.C. I am still an Angel/demo.
I am still teaching classes and still doing lots of creative things. The latest T.A.C. catalogue has a bunch of wonderful stamps & papers in it. I am kind of like a one trick pony though, I love to stamp & I love to color. Images that are fun to color are the types of stamps that I am drawn to and there really wasn't a bunch of those in the spring catty.
When T.A.C. had their latest retired list published, I lost a lot of my favorites and have not had the chance to replace them so I pretty much only have a few sets left, but have no fear, I am sure the spring supplement will be here soon and I am sure there will be some fun things in it!
Until next post, have a super day!


Stampin' Meg said...

cute buggie, chica!

Nancy Grant said...

Very cute card! Don't I know with lots of my favs being retired too.


Eva said...

I think it is fantastic when I see more than one companies line of stamps in a blog. I think it builds your talent at designing when you work with various companies products....plus you are designing for those companies so ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!!

Fabrizio said...

I know how you feel Awna, my heart sank when I saw all the stamps that got retired, I was glad I bought most of them though ! LOL Now I know I have rare stamps. I adore that cute card ! Fab x