Feb 20, 2008

baths, boys, babies and burgers (Red Robin that is!)

I can't remember if I shared this card or not. So if I did, pretend it is new, LOL! I figured it tied in well with the tub fiasco this week.

I did get the chance to create today and made about 5 new cards...it is the first time in a few months that I have felt inspired enough to stamp something and not throw it away.

As soon as I get the photos uploaded I will be sharing them.

I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for coming back to read during my dry-spell so to speak :)

I am so excited! I am going to get to go spend the weekend with my super duper friend Steph-a-licious! What is even cooler, we are going to eat at Red Robin and stamp all day on Sunday. However, what REALLY tops the cool-o-meter is that I get to play with the little Lowemeister. Nate is absolutely adorable.

Whenever I get around babies, it makes me think that Shawn & I should have another one,that maybe it would be a little girl. I mean come on, they are adorable, love unconditionally and are so snuggly....but then I remember....they turn in to TEENAGERS and 2 of those beasts are enough right now. Plus knowing my luck, we'd have twin boys! NO THANKS! Boys smell funny!

Card Details:
Stamps: The Angel Co.
Pattern Paper: The Angel Co.
Cardstock: Bazzill



Nancy Grant said...

What a fun card! Have a nice weekend back at you too!