Dec 10, 2007

Mindless Monday

I didn't get to stamp or play with anything this weekend. Shawn & the boys made sure that my rear stayed firmly planted on the couch with my foot elevated.

I have nothing "new" to share with you but I did find a few of my fav. cards from last years Christmas cards that I mailed out.

Hope they inspire you a little :)



Heather Devino said...

Hey, at least it's your foot and not your hands. :) I think I could stay laid up for months as long as I have the use of my hands for the all-important tasks of eating, changing the channel, and stamping/scrapping. Thinking of you and hoping you have your Christmas shopping finished (or at least hoping that all the websites have what you need). Merry healing!

mamichelle said...

Those are adorable! I haven't done much creative-wise lately either!

Marnie said...

Hope your feeling better!

Eva said...

ok I am going to have to see if I still have this set or if I sold it...I love the idea of paper piecing the santa...the cards look fantastic!

Tabbetha Stark said...

Hi, I found your blog and then tried to find your email. I cannot find it. My Name is Tabbetha Stark, ya shawns 1st daughter. this is the only way i could contact you. Can you have him email me at I'm sorry i posteded this here agains this is the only way i could figure out. BTW this is not an emergancy or anything, i just would like to talk to him...I'm rambling. Umm thanks.