Oct 18, 2007

my little game boy

Logan was so determined to get to the next level in his newest DS game:Star Wars Legos II that he fell asleep playing it on the floor. What cracks me up is that he is using Brandens bookbag as a pillow, lol

Today I had to run errands so I had Jay pick Logan up from the bus. When I got home Logan had the biggest grin on his face, he was missing a tooth! He lost it while he was at school today. First thing we did when I got home was put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Good thing the Tooth Fairy went to the bank today and has a little cash or else we'd be in trouble!

Counting my blessings:

1. Kids...they make life more intresting and there is always something to learn from them!

2. Fall: I love the cooler temps. I am able to function better and I have actually started exercising, I love watching the leaves change colors.

3. Thursday Must-See-TV: Ohhh, my favorite night to watch TV. There is Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Without A Trace, and ER. Can it get any better?!?!

Have you counted your blessings today?


mnhyrkas said...

Just stopped by to let you know about a new forum (started by cococat from Simply sentiments):
see ya there

Eva said...

Ahhhh...the life of a 6 year old...what a life!!