Oct 2, 2007

I can't believe it is October!

Logan has been learning about the months of the year at school and he is so excited, because, just in case you weren't aware, the best holiday is in October...trick or treating! He tells me this everyday, usually many times a day at that!

Now it is time to do the ever so enjoyable costume search. When Branden & Jay were younger, I could put them in anything...however, Logan has to be a superhero...every single year! He has been Spiderman since he could walk. He even has some of the older costumes still in his closet that he wears to play dress up in. And before you ask, no, none of them still fit either!

Anyways, enjoy the cards, hope they can inspire you to create something spookingly awesome!

Card supplies:

Stamps: Stamp LaJolla (www.stamplajolla.com)

Pattern paper on tall card: The Angel Co (www.theangelcompany.net)


Eva said...

As always YOU are the bomb! You rock! Love these cards...you make these bunnies fun!

Renée Storch said...

I love the bunny stamps, they are so adorable!!! You did a fantastic job on your cards.

Nancy Grant said...

My son was the same way when he was little. Now he's grown-up and in college. Oh how times flies!

kellyrae said...

Love the Hallow-hula bunnies! My aunt collected them; full size and the domino size. I never actually saw any of them used on a card though until your blog. They are darling, but especially the October bunnies. My aunt left this earth 2 yrs ago and the only thing I asked to have of hers...was all her hula bunnies. So thanks Awna for sharing your creativity and shaking that memory lose in my wee head.

KellyRae Cooper
Angel #3212
mail (at) kellyrae (dot) com