Aug 28, 2007

it is a WONDERFUL day!

It is better than any birthday I have celebrated, better than any family get togethers, stamping events, heck, I think it rates up there right along with Christmas.
What in the world am I talking about you ask? I am talking about today, such a wonderful August day....SCHOOL STARTED TODAY!
The L-man finally warmed up to the fact that he had to go to school no matter what...not sure if it was my reassuring words that comforted him into going or the crazed look in my eyes showing him that if he didn't then the next time he'd see me I would be wearing a silly white jacket tied in the back.
I woke early...maybe TOO early, entering the pigsty of a room that the older boys share and gently aroused them with my sing song-y voice "Get your butts out of bed, today is the first day of the rest of your life"...OK, maybe it wasn't as cheerful as I had actually thought it'd be inside my head, but my other personalities enjoyed it, just ask us!
Of course, I did not think that I would spend 45 minutes of my life doing my sons hair...yep, you heard me right! Branden (aka kid with a whaff-ro aka white afro) decided he wanted to straighten the mess on top of his head, I swear there was a family of squirrles in there!
Jay Jay was in a good mood. He spent about an hour in the bathroom and I think he even used the entire bottle of Polo!
By this time, I am not sure if my head is spinning because of the smells of all of the hair product I had to use on the gerry curl, the pleasant aroma of a man child bathed in his fathers 2 year old bottle of cologne purchased from Big Lots or the giddiness of knowing that at approximately 8:31 am I would have the house to myself.
Anywhooooo....after all the kidlets were evacuated and dispersed to their appropriate learning facilities..I sat down and actually had a nice hot cup of FRESH BREWED coffee! Of course, I had to drink it on the back porch because of the fumes in the house.
Ahhhhhh, I love school!
Here is the best (OK...that is such a pathetic attempt at that!) photo this morning of the Stark children on the most glorious day of August!


Eva said...

You so ROCK! I love your perspective and sense of humor! Your stories are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! I love reading what you have to say; it's awesome.... And, I can actually hear your voice in my head while I read it. I hope you had a great 1st day back to school day!

Nancy Grant said...

Whew... I can smell the fumes all the way up here! Enjoy your time and I hope the boys have a great school year!

Lisa642 said...

What a riot!! But I gotta say I can totally relate to your emotions of the First Day of School!! It is the most happiest day of the year in my house!! My baby started this year and although that brought out tears in both her and I, I think I am over it now and can get on with life!!! I LOVE that big yellow bus!! Makes my heart sing!!