Jun 20, 2007

Gerbera Daisy

I love this stamp, so pretty.
I haven't really had a lot of time to make anything cool lately since I am getting ready for TAC's annual convention.
I really should be working on some of my trades and such for the get together but I am really struggling with what to make. I want it to be awesome and something that everyone will like but at the same time, I need to sleep, wash laundry and cart the kids to and fro!
Ya know what I need, I need a stamp boy...some hunky little piece of eye candy to keep me motivated and hold my acrylic blocks for me, pat my head with a damp cloth soaked in lavendar and feed me grapes (nah...M&M's) while fanning me.
Well, maybe I will settle for piece and quiet at 2 am while all the kids and Shawn will be sleeping!
A girl can dream!!!


Vicki said...

One of my fave stamps too! Great card!

mamichelle said...

Great cards, Awna!

I'm assuming that stamped stitching below? Very cute!

Stephanie said...

So prety:) You BEST save a Seminar trade for me! Not that you didn't just send me a bunch of cards;)

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

OMG!! You are too funny!! A stamp boy to hold your acrylic blocks and feed you M&M's...what else could a girl ask for!!! I am rolling!