May 7, 2007


Made this cute little page this weekend in honor of National Scrapbook Day. Can you believe they actually have a day specifically for scrappers? Now, I have yet to find a day on the calendar for National Stamping Day. Hummmm, maybe we should lobby for it?!?!

Anyways, I think I might have lost a little of my scrapping vibe. It took me friggin FOREVER for this layout.

Only 51 days until the TAC annual seminar! YIPPIE! Can't wait!!! No kids, no husband, just hanging out with all my stamping friends...well except for my favorite road trip partner, Steph. Stil trying to figure out how to get her to go.
Just a shout out to all my Kansas people! I hope that all of you are doing OK. I know there are a lot of you working on your Ark's and herding up those animals 2 by 2. My family lives in southeast Kansas, little itty bitty town called Neodesha (Nich Lachey to some people, lol) and all are doing well. So, all my thougths and prayers are with you!


Anonymous said...

I have missed you. Glad to hear from you. Nick Lashay... That is pretty funny! Who thought of that one??? Good one whoever it was;);)



Megan said...

What a cutie- do you think my 15 year old would let me dress him up in a super hero outfit take his pix and scrapbook them ?! LOLOL