Apr 24, 2007

Card to Crop

Sometimes you want to scrap, sometimes you want to stamp. Who said you can't do both at the same time?
I love to use the same design layout for both my cards and my scrapbook pages.

For example, take this duo. I uesd the same basic layout, colors etc.

The scrapbook page is a smaller version, my new favorite size to scrap is 9x9 :) Not as overwhelming as the 12x12 size and I can sit a couple photos on the page if I wish.

I have found that with being a scrapbooker for over 6 years now, I have learned to take better photos and am better at cropping the photos "in the view finder" and not with a paper trimmer after they have been developed. That means I do not have *as many* photos as I use to :)


Jennifer said...

Very cute! Great job with the card and the layout!

mamichelle said...

Adorable card & lo!!!

-S said...

Can I be you when I grow up?