May 4, 2009

awesome mail day!

Last weekend I received an awesome box of goodies from my BFF (Or Biffy as the kids call her) Eva.

She sent me a few books, stamp stuff and the bestest things, a bracelet and necklace that she made herself!

I am so touched that she took the time to make such a beautiful pair of blingy things for me to wear.

I have gotten so many comments on them, even my mom, who never notices anything I wear, unless it is lipstick that is, said they were very pretty. This is a lot coming from a woman who is not much of a girly girl and has not liking for the bling. (Well, except for the cross necklace I bought & gave to her last Mother's Day...)

Anyways, Eva, you rock! Thanks so much for being such a wonderful friend to me. I really don't deserve you but I am so glad I have you! Sorry it took me a week to post this thanks :)


Eva said...

You are so deeserve it...I am very glad that you like it...ENJOY!