Apr 29, 2009

I love my husband!

I know, as wives we all say this...but I think my hubby is the bestest! Let me tell you why :)

If you are from the Shack, this is pretty much the same thing I was talking about over there :)

As I have rambled on in posts below, I went to the stamp show this weekend. I loved being with MaryAnn & JP, playing with glitter and seeing friends and vendors after being away for some time. I was so worried since I was only able to get about 2-3 hrs asleep due to the foot pain coming back without the pump being in, but it was a ton of fun demo'ing.

So after the show was over Sat. Shawn and I checked in to the hotel across the street. It is an old Quaker oatmeal factory and they turned the old silo's into hotel rooms. It was a beautiful room, dark curtains, a great shower head and just over all a romantic stay. I loved the shower...esp. because it has been the first shower I have taken since the beginning of March, talk about awesome!

On Sunday, Shawn kept telling me to go back to the show to shop, watch demo's, etc but I was worried because I didn't want him to have to sit in the truck the entire time. He didn't however, he said he wanted to go to the show with me to help me walk and carry stuff.

We went to the show, he took photos of booths, sample boards, plus photos of me and old TAC friends and vendors since I used to work the shows all the time before I was hurt. He even sat and did a demo with me at the Stampscapes booth! That and he helped me shop like crazy, not batting an eye and even picking stuff out for me. Gotta love that, hehehe.

I must admit, I think I have fallen in love with my husband again. Not just because he took me to a stamp show either, LOL! He was so kind, so helpful, he took time to do things with me when I know he did not really want to be there. He has put up with a lot lately with all the medical treatments, drs appts., helping with bandage and dressing changes and now a stamp show. Can it get any better?


Diane said...

He sure is a keeper! Let him know I think it's pretty great too! ;-)

shadoob said...

Awna, I read it at the shack, but it was so sweet to read again...what a great little story. It's nice to finally see a picture of you 2 as well.

MaryAnn said...

You are blessed to have Shawn, but he is also blessed to have YOU!!!