Apr 22, 2009

hooked on fonicks...

I am sure that this post may ruffle some feathers but please, bear with me. I swear, I am not making fun of my kid!

I love my son. I am proud of my son. He is the sweetest little man I know and I am so glad that God picked me to be his mom. I do not know what I would do without him. Life would be SO boring without him in it. Now that I have the disclaimer out of the way :)

As many of you know, Logan is unique.

Logan is a special kid, seriously...he has issues reading, the school "experts" say that he is a special needs kid because he has a reading & writing problem. Well, actually, Logan has dyslexia.

I love having a special needs kid. It makes life fun! I love that even though he has major issues with reading & writing, he still takes the time to leave me love notes, write messages on the mirrors after his showers and is always typing messages on the computer or cell phone.

Today was Earth Day and Logan was really in to the whole thing. They had a big to-do at school about it and he decided to educate us when he got home.

I found this note on almost EVERYTHING in the house...plus, notes saying "re yous" and "re dooce" well, you get the point. What was even more entertaining, Shawn and I were laughing after L-man went to bed because we are sure that he used an entire tree to leave all of the messages!

Anyways, be sure to appreciate your kiddos, disabilities and all!