Mar 12, 2009


I am back home. Well, have actually been home since Monday. I spent a few days in the hospital, one with excellent doctors but horrible staff and housekeeping...but I came out alive. I would recommend The Cleveland Clinic Doctors to anyone, esp. the pain management dept. but I would never ever suggest that you stay at the hospital.
I thank EVERYONE who has been sending me cards, who came & visited me, esp. those who brought contraband (ie Pepsi, Chips and Hershey Kisses, yum!!) THANKS STEPH!!! and for all of you that called to check on me, Eva, Cheryl P., Steph, Pattie and all the gals from church. All of you are life savers!
Thanks for all of the prayers, well wishes and thoughts for good health and happy vibes. You gals all rock.


Cindi said...

so glad you are home!! I hope you feel like yourself soon! gotta love friends that smuggle in munchies!