Feb 26, 2009


Something has wrecked havoc on my laptop. I am so ticked, hubby had to reinstall everything and I lost ALL of my photos, scans and school work.

So, what do you to to save your stuff, do you have a backup system in place? If so, what is it?

Have you seen the newest CardMaker Magazine? I have a card in it! It is on pg 58 of the March 09 issue!

I was shocked to see it as I decided back in the fall to stop submitting to magazines. I was spending so much time making stuff to send, spending boo-koo money on postage, etc. I stopped one day and realized that I could be sending all of those cards to people I know and could be a blessing to them instead of being added to the editors pile to make money off of. Besides, most of the time, I didn't receive anything other than a free issue & that was hit & miss.

Now, I create and mail cards out to people to make their day brighter...besides, that is why we all decided to start making cards anyways, right?


Jewels said...

Hi Awna,
Computer problems are no fun! I'm really not a very organized person, but I do try to back up data on an external hard drive. Mine was about $100, doesn't take
up much space and gives me some piece of mind. I also had a laptop stolen at Christmas and do you know what saved me? I had a Zune mp3 player which I unknowingly had transfered all my photos from My Pictures into. They hold a ton and it's nice to have backups of your favorite family pics.

mamichelle said...

Yep, I sure did see it! See comment below. Congrats!

Chelsea said...

great card Awna .. congrats!

I hate computer issues ... bummer!

Diane said...

Funny thing! Just yesterday I was admiring that card in the magazine, but I didn't even look to see whose it was! It's yours! Who woulda thunk?? WTG! About backup...I'm terrible and have been praying I don't lose everything before I decide what to do.

kolling143 said...

We have an external hard drive as well....but I do think that I need to put my pics somewhere else too. Just one of my fears is losing all my pics. Awna, this card is absolutely beautiful!!