Dec 11, 2008

jumping for joy!

I am hoping that I will be like this little critter in this image before too long!
I go in for another surgery this morning, and I hope it is the last one. I can't wait to be pain-free, be able to wear my silly, mismatched socks and decent shoes again.
I am a little nervous however, I am scared that this won't work and that I will still be ouchy.
Scratch that, if I think negative, negative results will happen!
Keep your fingers crossed for me and here's to hoping to dance around that Christmas tree....oh wait, I still need to put that darn thing up! Eick!!
Have a Happy Day!


Diane said...

Hey, girl! Email me and let me know how surgery went! ;-)

Lori Barnett said...

totally cute!

Becky in East Tennessee said...