Nov 24, 2008


I so want to be like Max the frog!
I had a pretty decent size paper that was due by midnight tonight and well, to be honest, I slacked off on doing it. I think I was feeling sorry for myself. I had surgery on my foot...again! This time it was a lot easier. I had cryosurgery to help stop the nerve pain. I went in for my follow up appointment and had xrays taken, I will be darned if my ankle isn't broke! I kept complaining about the pain and here a piece broke off, not even near where I had surgery. So I used that as an excuse this weekend to catch up on my TIVO and make sure that I didn't miss too much TV. I go to the specialist tomorrow so cross your fingers for me!
Card Info:
Stamp: Sparkle N Sprinkle
Paper: Not sure but I like it!


Diane said...

I'm so sorry about the ankle now! And here I thought all along that you were on the mend... :-( Keep me posted.