Sep 4, 2008


so sorry to interrupt this crafting blog with "manly sport stuff" but I am having a proud mama moment here :)

My middle boy made the football team! On top of that, he is starting offensive lineman!

For those of you that do not know this boy, he is a bit of a unique critter. The kiddo has had issues with pain for the past 4 yrs. due to some muscular and bone problems in both his feet and knees but has been sticking with football practice & tryouts for the past month! He has been to the drs. for the pain, taking a lot of advil & rx's, doing stretches and using orthotics, lifts and taping his ankles.

He has shown me that if you are really wanting something, go for it. Work your butt off until you reach your goal, no matter how bad it hurts.

On top of all of this, he is the "new kid" at this school. He went to the first practice alone, not knowing a single person. He joined in with kids who have been growing up together in this small school.

Tonight was their first football game and he started & played most of the game.

I am so proud of this kid! Way to go Justin!!!

(BTW: They won the game too! 28-0!)


Danni said...

How wonderful!!

MaryAnn said...

Just look at that smile! We're cheering for Justin.


Vicki said...

OH look - it's Awna's Mini-me! ;o) Seriously - quite a handsome young man, and someone to be really proud of! Don't ya love it when they grow up to be good human beings, LOL?!

Eva said...

Good Look'N Boy!!!

Diane said...

WTG Mama and son! You have every right to be proud of that handsome and talented kiddo! ;-)