Aug 29, 2008

Almost that time of the year!

It is getting closer and closer....Yep! I am talking about Fall TV season starts soon. I am looking forward to a few different shows...

1) Law & Order:SVU: Think Olivia & Elliott will EVER hook up?

2) Prison Break: They have to be the HOTTEST convicts ever! WHat will happen when they run out of prisons to break out of?

3) Gossip Girl: TOTALLY a guilty pleasure. I just wish my high school years were that exciting!

4) Chuck...I love this guy! He is such a nerd.

5) Criminal Minds: Who do you think BLEW UP at the end of last season? Please do not let it be Shemar Moore!!!

New shows I am going to check out:
1) The new 90210...ok, I have a confession, my oldest son Branden was named after Brandon Walsh....yep! Serious!



Traci G said...

well...I can't say that I watch any of those shows....but I am really looking forward to the start of my favorites too!