May 6, 2008

cleaning up...

this week I cleaned, purdges and reorganized my stamps. I am not too sure what happens, I swear I do not buy a lot of rubber but somehow it all multiplies in my little corner of the house.

I mainly use unmounted stamps, with EZ Mount & some without so I had been storing all of the images in CD cases. I noticed my room seemed to be holding more & more CD towers & such so I wanted something easier & something that took up less room.

So, I picked up these crates at our walmart and put my stamps in baggies. Then I labeled the crates. I believe when I finally stopped counting, I cleaned out over 200 CD cases worth of stamps. Now they are all lined up nice & neat on 2 shelves! Wahlah!
So, do you have any good suggestions on organizing my cardstock chaos?


Dawnmarie said...

can you come straighten me out?