May 23, 2008

busy busy

hello folks. This has turned out to be a very busy week. We ended up finding a great little home that we had to move quick on before it got away! I guess this was good because we have about 3 weeks before we need to be out of this one for when it is sold. Shew!!! Just in the knick of time too.

I may be a slacker next week on posting as I have to have foot surgery again, urgh! No conventions for about 8 weeks, boo hoo! Not only am I going to miss the paycheck but darn it, I love doing the shows!

OK, enough rambling, here is what I have to share with you tonight:

Stamp: Stamp LaJolla
Paper: Chatterbox


Erin K said...

This is lovely!

Sorry we won't be seeing you, I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly.


Anonymous said...

Wow -- best wishes to you with the surgery, and good luck on the new home you've found. You've got a lot going on . . .

Really enjoy your blog, by the way!

Stampin' Meg said...

Look on the bright side- you can still stamp after your foot surgery, right?