Oct 14, 2007

Fun weekend...

Branden and I spent a couple days working at the "Adventures In Stamping" show and it was so nice to get to see some of our favorite *vendor friends*.

As always, it is so nice to see MaryAnn & JP from Stamp LaJolla, those two are such nice people! I can only hope that Shawn and I like each other as much as they seem to after being married as long as they have. Plus, they also work & travel together everywhere.
We were also able to see Sam & his wife from Stamp On It. He is such a hoot!
There is no way I could get Shawn to travel and work with me at all of these shows! I think one of us would be kick out and waiting on the side of the road somewhere :)
Counting My Blessings:
1. Awesome vendors in the rubberstamping industy! I just love the owners of Stamp LaJolla. Not only do they have awesome stamps, product & customer service. They also are wonderful people!
2. My son Branden...OK, I love all of the boys, but this weekend Branden was a great help, as usual. I think what amazes me, I see him as a little boy, my baby, etc. I had many people tell me how great of a kid he is.
I was approached by another vendor in the restroom and was told that she thought he was adorable! She told me that she would love to have him help at any shows that we could go to. Nope...she didn't want me...just the boy! Think I could get paid to be his agent?
3. My friends! It was nice to have dinner with Steph, to get a call & email from Eva to make sure we were home safe, Debbie, who knew I was going to be gone this weekend yet still sends me messages that she is thinking of me and Dawnmarie....who I need to call right now!


stamplajolla said...

You are too sweet! Thank you so much for your very kind words. YOU are the one who blesses us with your friendship and incredible artwork and we thank God for you.

We just love what you do with our Hula Bunnies and other images. You are the best and we agree that Branden is adorable, polite and very helpful. (He must get it from his mom!)

MaryAnn & JP

Eva said...

This si another great card made with these wonderful bunnies! Love the colors!

Nancy Grant said...

Wonderful card and blessings. Thanks so much for sharing.


My Paper World said...

Love your hula bunny! very cute!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful talent. Your creativity is inspiring. I need to stop checking your blog before work, because I just want to be home creating something instead of playing with money. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Dawn Dooley