Jun 13, 2007

Get Well Soon Steph!

My cool buddy, partner in crime and according to Shawn, my better 1/2, Stephanie, has been sick these last few weeks. What makes it worse, she is a new Mommy and her little guy, Nate the Great, and hubby have been sick too!

OK, maybe this is what makes it worse...it is her birthday this week.

So, I couldn't decide what to make her, a bday card or get well card....so I made both. Well, actually 3 cards, couldn't decide what to send so she is going to be getting her own mini-Awna card shower, lol!

So Stephk, if you are reading this, act suprised when you get your mail!

Anyways, this is the newest Stamp of The Month from The Angel Company, isn't this the cutest little guy ever? Steph loves monkeys :)


Stephanie said...

You ROCK! Love you! Thanks for the all cool things you do for me. Thanks for thinking of me too, you are the best:)



Jennifer Carter said...

Oh, that is so cute (and thoughtful)!!

Toni said...

Such a cute card. I love monkeys :)

Eva Costigan's Creative Place said...

You are such a great friend!! Love the monkey card!!

Nancy Grant said...

Adorable card. I love your design! Lucky woman to be getting so many cards. I hope she feels better.

Stephanie said...

Little man finished his meds and I have another 4 days. We are all on the mend:) Thanks again so much for being such a great friend and for being you!



Jovita said...

This is too cute, I just love monkies... I still have to order this set. I've been a slacker! ~j