Apr 17, 2007

simplify...darn you Eva & Steph!!!

These are before and after photos of my project today:

So a friend and I were talking simplification (life & in my case paper crafting stuff!) awhile back and today I was talking to Risa about having too much stuff. Then I was talking to Steph (u complete me!) and we agreed that we will never in this life time use all of this stuff we have collected over the years.

After Shawn went to work I decided to simplify my room. I took everything out "clean sweep style" and I decided if I haven't used it in 6 mos, it was going to the basement. Well, I did good I think, except I did not follow the same rule for the stamps & papers :)

After 8 hrs of cleaning, dusting, sorting and purging, my room is clean and organized again. Now, it doesn't really look much different but if you open up those cabinets, ORGANIZED BABY! Plus, I was able to clean out a bunch of old stuff and get those swaps and samples out in the open to enjoy and be inspired!

Now I am ready to stamp & scrap tonight...too bad I am so friggin' tired now, lol!


Sl said...

GREAT JOB! I know what we are doing on Friday night;);)


Awna said...

chirp chirp :)

Megan said...

Looks awesome.
Wanna come help w/ my room?!